2009 NZRF/RIAA Conference and Exhibition

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19th – 20th August 2009
Rutherford Hotel, Nelson, New Zealand.

Wednesday 19th August:

So we want a road toll of 200? Which 200 will we sacrifice?
Superintendent Paula Rose, NZ Police PDF | PAPER

The Road User Perspective: A Star Rating System for New Zealand‘s roads (KiwiRAP).
Mike Noon, General Manager, Motoring Affairs, AA

NZTA Survey of pavement markings
Joanna Towler, NZTA

NZTA Profiled Markings Project.
Fabian Marsh, NZTA

Measuring the Effect of Audio Tactile Profiled Roadmarkings.
Vince Dravitzki, Opus International Consultants

NZTA Standards and Guidelines
Bob Gibson, NZTA PDF | PAPER

Improving the drying speed of waterborne paints.
Stephen Borrie, Dow Coating Materials

High performance thermoplastic. Bob Carnaby,
Potters Industries

Retroreflective Raised Pavement Marker Alternative Materials,
Ivan Babic, RTA

Delivering value for Money, Ross Ridings,
Quality Surveillance Ltd PDF | PAPER

Mobile measurement of pavement markings,
Urban Camenzind, Kadcam Enterprises

European and US Specifications for pavement marking.
Peter Zehntner, Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments

Two Research Projects: Measuring the Effect of Brighter Roadmarkings; and
Minimum Widths for Cyclists. Vince Dravitzki&.
Dr Darren Walton, Opus International Consultants

Thursday 20th August:

The effect of dashed and solid white audio-tactile centre lines on
driver behaviour and public acceptance.
Dr Hamish Mackie, TERNZ

High Friction Surfacing – Saving lives for over 40 years
David Jobling-Purser

Industry Training, Ross Leslie, InfraTrain

Pavement markings – Pre-qualification of paint and painters
Ken Lofhelm, CSIRO

Working with and around the weather this spring
Bob McDavitt, MetService PDF | PAPER

New audio tactile profiled road marking studies
Dr Hamish Mackie, TERNZ