2019 CCNZ/NZRF/RIAA Conference and Exhibition

Conference Papers

Thursday 1st August 2019

Rethinking Safe Roads

10.30 Competing demands on our roads, Working with people expectations and evidence, Dr Hamish Mackie, Mackie Research

11.00 Better Communication on safe speeds, Simon Douglas, Automobile Association

11.30 The next generation of safe intersections: Integrating behavioural insights, Dr Jared Thomas, WSP Opus

A Brighter Future

1.00 Competency and capacity in the New Zealand transport sector, Andrew McKillop, NZTA

1.30 Improving road safety outcomes, Fabian Marsh, NZTA

2.00 Paint and beads – Back to the future, Stephen Borrie, Potters Industries

Friday 2nd August 2019

Setting the path

1.00 T 8 Audits 2018/19, Alister Harlow, NZRF

1.20 Optimising safety, productivity and profitability, Guy Hocquard, ERoad

1.40 An Australian perspective on roadmarking, Paul Robinson, RIAA