Welcome to the website of The New Zealand Roadmarkers Federation Inc

Pavement markings are the only continuous means of guidance for motorists in their travels. We all take roadmarkings for granted, until they are either not there, or, because of adverse weather conditions they are difficult to see. The State Highway and Local Government roading network, is increasingly being marked with new linemarking systems. These may be high quality waterborne or solvent binders and glass beads, or long life materials such as cold applied plastic or thermoplastic. Specialised products are available that address the most difficult problem of wet night visibility. These include profiled or embossed markings, and the use of large size glass beads.

Since its establishment in 1969 the NZ Roadmarkers Federation has worked to meet the changing needs of its member contractors, and to communicate with stakeholders including The Ministry of Transport, Local Government, and the New Zealand Transport Agency.