2005 NZRF/RIAA Conference and Exhibition

2005sponsors17th – 19th August 2005
Hotel Grand Chancellor, Christchurch, New Zealand

Delivering Best Practice

Wednesday 17th August

Guest Presenters
Road Marking IS Road Safety. Bob Carnaby, Potters
Transport Strategy – the shifting base course. Roger Boutler

News from the standardisation in CEN and ASTM. Peter Zehntner, Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments
Paving marking use in Local Area Traffic Management schemes. Stephen Borrie, Rohm & Haas Australia
The Problems and Advantages of Markings Over Chipseals: A Retrospective of Ten Years Research. Vince Dravitzki, Opus

Thursday 18th August

Catalysed Pavement Marking Materials, Dennis Richards, Transport SA
The effectiveness of delineation treatments. Peter Baas, TERNZ
Field Performance Results of PMMA (Cold Applied Long Life) Durable Roadmarking Systems. Alek Percic, TCP

Recent developments in Pavement Marking Coatings. Tom Hackney, Damar
NZRF Line removal guide. Ross Ridings, Quality Surveillance Ltd
Performance Enhancement – Glass Bead Coating Technology. Bob Carnaby, Potters Industries – please email for copy.

Application issues
Visibility of Roadside Barriers and Kerbs in New Zealand. Vince Dravitzki, Opus
Equipment calibration for application of waterbourne. Stephen Borrie, Rohm & Haas
The Future of Transit NZ Roadmarking Specifications, Joanna Towler, Transit NZ

Friday 19th August

Products and Technical update
Computer control equipment, Urban Camazind, Kadcam
End of Line Detection Distance – European Model, Bob Carnaby, Potters
T2go Skid tester, Brent Rouse, Roadmarkers New Zealand
Road marking cost fluctuations, Scott Thomson, Damar
Road marking weather forecasting, Peter Fisher, Metservice
Thermoplastic Road Marking, Bob Currie, Traffic Safety Products
Compressed air safety, Phill Ruby, Norgen
Quality assessment with the Linespec 30, Marcus Krey
Glass Bead Dispencing, Kevin Jones, TNT
Signs maintenance and auditing, Peter Thurston, RIAA

Industry Training
Influencing driver behaviour through road marking, Peter Baas, TERNZ
Training Update. John Wills, CEO, InfraTrain NZ
Industry prequalification. Ian Gray, Transit NZ

Future Direction
The Reason for the Season. Bob McDavitt, Metservice – please email to request a copy.
NZRF Plant and Machinery Guide. Ross Ridings, Quality Surveillance Ltd
Performance Management of Network Pavement Marking. Dennis Richards, Transport SA