NZRF / RIAA Conference and Exhibition 2005

Wednesday 17th
Thursday 18th
Friday 19th
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Conference Programme:

Friday 19th August


Products and Technical update
Computer control equipment, Urban Camazind, Kadcam
End of Line Detection Distance - European Model, Bob Carnaby, Potters
T2go Skid tester, Brent Rouse, Roadmarkers New Zealand
Road marking cost fluctuations, Scott Thomson, Damar
Road marking weather forecasting, Peter Fisher, Metservice
Thermoplastic Road Marking, Bob Currie, Traffic Safety Products
Compressed air safety, Phill Ruby, Norgen
Quality assessment with the Linespec 30, Marcus Krey
Glass Bead Dispencing, Kevin Jones, TNT
Signs maintenance and auditing, Peter Thurston, RIAA

Industry Training
Influencing driver behaviour through road marking, Peter Baas, TERNZ
Training Update. John Wills, CEO, InfraTrain NZ
Industry prequalification. Ian Gray, Transit NZ

Future Direction
The Reason for the Season. Bob McDavitt, Metservice - please email to request a copy.
NZRF Plant and Machinery Guide. Ross Ridings, Quality Surveillance Ltd
Performance Management of Network Pavement Marking. Dennis Richards, Transport SA