NZRF / RIAA Conference and Exhibition 2005

Wednesday 17th
Thursday 18th
Friday 19th
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Conference Programme:

Thursday 18th August


Catalysed Pavement Marking Materials, Dennis Richards, Transport SA
The effectiveness of delineation treatments. Peter Baas, TERNZ
Field Performance Results of PMMA (Cold Applied Long Life) Durable Roadmarking Systems. Alek Percic, TCP

Recent developments in Pavement Marking Coatings. Tom Hackney, Damar
NZRF Line removal guide. Ross Ridings, Quality Surveillance Ltd
Performance Enhancement - Glass Bead Coating Technology. Bob Carnaby, Potters Industries - please email for copy.

Application issues
Visibility of Roadside Barriers and Kerbs in New Zealand. Vince Dravitzki, Opus
Equipment calibration for application of waterbourne. Stephen Borrie, Rohm & Haas
The Future of Transit NZ Roadmarking Specifications, Joanna Towler, Transit NZ