About NZRF

What is the NZRF?

The Federation was formed in 1969 to encourage dialogue between roadmarking contractors, to raise standards within the industry and to establish an industry group which would address matters of common interest with Central and Local Government.

What does the NZRF do?

The NZ Roadmarkers Federation can help you with;


Changes in specifications, regulations, technology and methods in the roadmarking industry often occur so rapidly it can be difficult to keep up. Through The NZ Roadmarkers Federation’s conferences, library of technical publications, workshops and network of members as well as through international, national, and local organisations, you can have access to information that will increase the quality of your roadmarking and improve safety for motorists.


The NZ Roadmarkers Federation represents the Interests of its members to Central and Local Authorities. As a result of the NZ Roadmarkers Federation’s efforts, Central and Local Government funding programmes include many provisions for improvements in the quality of roadmarking, and highway safety. The NZ Roadmarkers Federation helps with the content of many technical specifications and standards for roadmarking. Central and Local Authorities often consult The NZ Roadmarkers Federation on technical and business issues related to roadmarking.


The NZ Roadmarkers Federation has developed nationally recognised training for roadmarking which are registered on the NZ Qualifications Authority framework. Roadmarking training is covered by Connexis. For more information see the Training page.


The NZ Roadmarkers Federation’s bi-monthly newsletter, “The Roadmarking News” features up to date information on:

  • Industry trends.
  • Industry meetings.
  • Technological improvements in roadmarking equipment.
  • Developments in roadmarking materials.
  • New industry related specifications and periodicals.
  • Membership updates.

The Roadmarking News is posted on the NZRF website. If you would like to receive notification that an issue has been published on the website please subscribe through the newsletter page.

Industry Meetings

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by The NZ Roadmarkers Federation and Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia’s annual conference. Workshops for Members are held twice a year.


NZ Roadmarkers Federation membership provides you with your best opportunity to meet people in your field, to share experiences, to gain insights, to explore new markets.

Please mail all membership requests to us at NZRF.